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Digital Fund Weeknotes 03 (19th–23rd November)

The first round of the Digital Fund closes in just over a weeks time and the inbox for the fund is now receiving more like 30- 40 emails a day, rather than 20. We’re all bracing ourselves for how many will arrive on Monday the 3rd December — the closing date.

What we are doing

This week we are doing much of the same — a cycle of reading applications, having calls with people who we’ve put through to the next stage, letting those who have been unsuccessful know, and then having Sift meetings (a space for discussing applications where we have differing views).

  • Setting up a meeting with the Learning and Evaluation team here so that we can design what we hope to see in terms of change, value and impact from the Digital Fund.
  • Developing Strand 3 of the Fund, which will be launching in new year and is very much focussed on small (tiny) charities, associations and community groups etc.

What we are learning

Through the calls and the Sift meetings we’re learning that if we re-open the fund in the new year, we’ll definitely make some changes to questions in the application form. It’s great that John and Tom conceived of the fund in a way that means we can iterate it as we go — adapting it based on what we’re learning.

What we’re celebrating

Billy and Amy, who only joined the team at the start of this week as secondees, are now fully contributing to the scoring and discussions about applications. This is brilliant and needed, especially as Amy brings 7 years of grant making experience and Billy has a great understanding of policy and engagement.

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Written by

Senior Head, UK Portfolio at The National Lottery Community Fund & Co-founder of the Point People. Previously Strategic Design Director at Doteveryone.

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