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  • Kate Genevieve

    Kate Genevieve

    Artist at chroma.space / inner space ∩ outer space / kategenevieve.com

  • Nkem Ndefo

    Nkem Ndefo

    Embodiment, resilience, liberation. Being, seeking, sharing light in all places. Founder Lumos Transforms

  • Liz Slade

    Liz Slade

    Community, congregation, culture-making. Chief Officer, UK Unitarians.

  • Catherine Howe

    Catherine Howe

    I'm all about thinking, doing, multidisciplinary practice and being kind…in a socio-technical way

  • Nick Kimber

    Nick Kimber

    Director of Corporate Strategy and Policy Design, Camden Council, @nickcp1

  • Sam Rye

    Sam Rye

    Connecting with people with purpose; working to make people more comfortable working in complexity, so we can make better decisions that restore our planet.

  • Sascha Haselmayer

    Sascha Haselmayer

    Passionate about social + city innovation, delightful procurement, connecting social entrepreneurs and governments. Fellow @ New America | Founder/CEO Citymart

  • Mona Ebdrup

    Mona Ebdrup

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