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Weeknotes 39 (12th — 16th August)

Firstly get in touch with The Catalyst if you want to take part in the below.

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What we’ve been doing

We’ve been writing up the Design Day with hospices and reflecting the ideas that came out of the day back to the wider community for more feedback. More on this in the section below.

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Some of Sonia’s work. More can be found here —

What we’re learning

One of the things we did on the Design Day with hospices was a “how might we” activity, which ended up with me transcribing 321 post it notes. I’ve written them all up in to this document. There are many many questions being asked by the hospice community that we are working with and I feel like there are people out there that will know the answers to some of these, so take a 👀 look, and please contribute your knowledge to the document.

“Ensure we do it once and get it right first time.”

You can never ensure to get something right first time, it’s not the thing to strive for, and this kind of work will never be done.

  • It doesn’t make sense to think of the care that happens in a hospice as being in a building, sometimes it is, but that care is often extended to people’s homes and delivered by other members of the community too. This means the digital infrastructure that hospices use needs to reflect the interconnectedness of services, systems, and communities.
  • Be clear about where technology can augment the job of caring and where technology will never be the answer. This article is a good reminder of that.

“If we continue to devalue social care as a society, emotional wellbeing and human contact will become increasingly dispensable. Unless we start to value human carers and pay them a proper living wage, we may enter a society where all social care is digitised, and only the richest can pay for human care.”

  • The last thing we want is a workforce made to work with technology it can neither use nor understand. More technology on the front line means more tech support— whether that’s staff knowing what to do or who to reach out to when hardware fails, to ensuring the take up and usage of technology — the skills of hospice workers, and support for them, needs to be invested in.
  • A lot of care work draws on the goodwill and wellbeing of workers, and families, so they need to be supported and their skills invested in too.

What’s next for the Digital Fund and the hospice community

We’re going to be working with the hospice community to develop some fundable proposals around 3 broad areas:

  • How to build more collective awareness and action (common standards, principles, design patterns and group purchasing etc.)
  • How to build a stronger, more connected network across the hospice community. Something like a OneTeamHospice.

What we’re celebrating

Later next week I’m switching my Out of Office on and won’t be back at work until the 2nd September. I can’t wait to have some headspace and time with family and friends. Plus, to actually write things that are not Weeknotes! So this is it from me until Friday 6th September…I’ll be hanging out on the beach below.

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Senior Head, UK Portfolio at The National Lottery Community Fund & Co-founder of the Point People. Previously Strategic Design Director at Doteveryone.

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