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Weeknotes 58 (13th — 17th January)

Happy new Decade! The first Weeknotes of the year, and they’ll be short because we’re just getting back into the swing of things.

You can find much more about the Digital Fund activity over here now.

There’s a section with all the learning and insights from the Digital Fund cohort of 29 organisations, and the support partners — lead by Phoebe.

There’s a section on the work we’re doing to build good tech and digital grantmaking practice, both inside the National Lottery Community Fund, and wider — lead by Melissa.

There’s a section on the Discovery research we’re doing on informal civil society activity and micro organisations — lead by Beth and working with Stripe Partners.

And lastly, there’s a section with the latest news and reflections from the Digital Fund team.

We’ve got all kinds of events coming up over the next year to share what we’re doing more widely, the first series will be announced at the end of this month.

This week was my first week physically back in the office, so lots of meetings with people in person. Other highlights included a very well attended and rich gathering of Funders Who Tech that I co-convene with Tom Steinberg, and an interesting event I co-convened at the Bank of England with Rachel Coldicutt, Andy Haldane and some very clever people working at the intersection of civil society, data, tech and policy.

Otherwise my focus has been on developing the next round of the Digital Fund, which will have a very different focus from the first round. A highlight for this work has been meeting William Isaac, an amazing research scientist at DeepMind, who’s hugely knowledgeable and is doing some really important community and infrastructure building for people doing pioneering work about the impacts of technology on society.

Run UK Portfolio at National Lottery Community Fund, Co-founder of the Point People, Policy Fellow IIPP, Founder Stewarding Loss, International Futures Forum.

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